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The consultation with a Tibetan physician

  The Tibetan medicine is based on a holistic, centuries old tradition. It unites both the pre-buddhist medicine of Tibet, and elements of the ayurvedic and Chinese medicine with the special buddhist medical teachings.

  Since, according to the Tibetan medicine, behaviour and nutrition have a large influence, the following points should be considered on the day before the consultation: the patient should eat or drink neither too much nor too little; the food should be neither too hot nor too cold (with respect to its energy); the food should not be too spicy; the consumption of alcohol, coffee and drugs should be omitted. Likewise it is advisable before one consults a Tibetan physician to undertake no large physical efforts and provide for sufficient sleep. For consultation one should bring along the morning urine in a clear glass 

The consultation
  Some Tibetan physicians begin with the questioning of the patient, others apply first different diagnostic methods and ask afterwards questions about the complaints and their previous history. 
It is meaningful to bring along notes to the complaints, and the questions which one has to the physician. 
The Tibetan physician can apply different diagnosis procedures. The most important is the pulse diagnosis. Here the physician feels the energy flow of the different organs with his fingertips. In addition he receives much information from the analysis of the urine.

The handling
  Additionally to the treatment with medicine, the physician can give statements for the nutrition and life-style. Sometimes the thermal treatment (Moxa) or Acupuncture is used also.

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