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Explanations concerning the use of Tibetan medicine

Some pills are very hard. How can one cut them up?

What to do if one forgot to take the pills?

Mostly the midday pills are the ones, which are forgotten.

Here it possibly helps to cut up the pills for noon already at home and carry them along in a pill-box. Generally the medicines should be kept dry if possible.

Is it a problem to take the Tibetan medicines additionally to other medicine?

This is not a problem. However a temporal distance of 1 - 2 hours should be kept, so that the different medicines can take effect optimally.

The pills are not so well stood and cause stomach problems

In most cases the takings are not necessarily to be terminated. Perhaps the stomach needs some time, in order to get accustomed to this medicine.

If the pills are not so well stood, one can take, with a dose of 3 pills, first only one pill for some days, and then again increase to 3 pills if the stomach got accustomed to it.

How long should the Tibetan herbs be taken?

Here one should adhere to the instruction of the Tibetan physician. If he gave no exact instructions, one should take the medicines until a permanent improvement occurs. This can be very fast in some cases, while it can take several months with other patients, this applies in particular to chronic complaints.

How important it is to take the pills half an hour before or after the meals?

To achieve an optimal benefit, this instruction should be kept if possible. Generally the Tibetan medicines should be taken on empty stomach. E.g. if it is not possible to take the evening pill half an hour after the meal, then one could do this also directly before going to bed.

Of course what is specified above should only be observed, if the Tibetan physician did not give other instructions!

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